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The Execution of Lady Jane Grey
  • The Execution of Lady Jane Grey

  • Oil paint on Canvas
  • 120cm x 100cm
  • framed
  • Sold
  • This country‚Äôs pictorial history was pioneered by many British artists in the times of the Stuarts, Tudors and the civil war, but it was the French painter Paul Delaroche who gained a reputation with his paintings of grand English scenes of terrene. Most popular is his Execution of Lady Jane Grey in 1554, which hangs in the National Gallery in London. Despite this large painting being far from historical accuracy with more than a hint of French melodrama (tableau vivant) it remains a potent image and is full of emotion.
    For Rex Marsden to paint his replica on a canvas quarter size of the original some clarity of dimension has been lost, but a worthy effort nevertheless.

    Original by Paul Delaroche.

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